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Randy Hall Opens MCR Fall Classic with Convincing E-Mod Win
Fog moves in during 360 Late Model Feature, delays rest of features.
by Jay Pees

East Smethport, PA (September 19, 2013
) The first night of the 8th Annual Fall Classic at McKean County Raceway was filled with close racing but when fog moved into the area the decision was made to postpone the remaining four features to Friday night. Before the fog arrived heat racing and four sets of time trials ran smooth but the only feature run, for the A&MP Electric E-Mods, was marred by a hard flip by Steve Dixon and eventually involving nine cars, none of which were able to continue. When the checkers fell It was Randy Hall winning in convincing style after taking over the lead with only two laps remaining from pole sitter Brent Rhebergen.

Time trials were held for both the ULMS Super Late Models and the RUSH Crate Late Models traveling series. Two sets were held for each division with Imperial, PA's Davey Johnson timing in at 14.959 seconds for the quick time in the first set and Dylan Yoder, of Selingsgrove, PA, setting the fast time of 15.028 for the second set. Time trials from the first set of time trials determine the lineups for Friday night's racing while the second set of timed laps will set the field for Saturday's events. 

The RUSH Crate Late Models also ran two sets of timed laps with Chad Ruhlman putting down a lap at 15.550 to lead the Friday night trials while track champion Max Blair bested the field in the second set to determine Saturday's starting spots with a lap of 15.807. 

Brent Rhebergen, (doing triple duty driving ULMS Super Late Models, RUSH Late Models, and UEMS E-Mods), and Carl McKinney, the 2012 UEMS champion, led the twenty four A&MP Electric E-Mods to the green with Rhebergen leading the way after one lap of the twenty scheduled. As the field strung out Rhebergen opened his lead to half a straight by eight laps into the event when caution fell the first time for a spin by heat winner Cale Crocker in turn one. After green at lap eleven, Randy Hall got to second and Rich Michael got by McKinney for third. A three car incident in turn one at eleven laps again slowed the field and sent Dan Sasso, Al Brewer, and Jonathan Taylor to the rear for the restart. Rhebergen again led when racing resumed, this time with Hall and Michael trailing but staying within striking distance. A two car spin on turn four again slowed the action at lap fourteen. Tim Walden had to be towed from the scene and John Boyd also retired from the event. At green Michael charged into second but went wide in turn one, losing several spots. The most serious incident of the night happened at the end of lap fifteen when Michael hit the wall on the main straight eventually involving eight more cars including a hard flip by Steve Dixon. The red flag was immediately thrown to halt the race. Michael and Dan Sasso were able to drive away from the wreck but Dixon, Ken Zimmer, Al Brewer, John Woodward, Vic Vena, Jonathan Taylor, and Cale Crocker needed towed back to the pit. Due to the lateness of the hour, it was determined that the Street Stock, Pure Stock, And Mini Stock features would be run Friday night before the regularly scheduled program. Only the BRP Can Am feature would be run after the completion of the final five laps of the E-Mods. The final five laps were run with the remaining eleven cars. Rhebergen and Hall ran side by side for three laps with Hall pulling out a half car length lead at lap eighteen and then going on to the win over Rhebergen, Dave Hess, Craig Bedell, and Mike McGee. 

Four cars piled up on the second turn of the BRP CanAm feature, immediately bringing out yellow. Series points leader Jeremy Wonderling was involved and had to be towed from the track. Bruce Miller and Buck Payne brought the cars to the green again with Miller opening a five car length lead on lap one. Jason Knowles lost a wheel on the back straight of lap two and came to a halt next to the racing surface, necessitating a caution period. Again Miller set the pace for the start with Payne and Brian Knowles in row two. In turn two after green fell Miller slipped high, allowing Payne to get by for the lead. again the following lap Miller slipped in turn two, this time falling all the way back to eighth. Caution three happened at lap four when three cars piled up in turn two. At this point fog, which had been setting in, became dense enough that visibility was reduced to an unsafe point so the decision was made to complete the event Friday prior to the start of the scheduled program.  

NDRL ULMS Super Late Models:
Time Trials Session 1: Davey Johnson 14.959, Colby Frye 14.985, Jason DuPont 15.021, Vic Coffey 15.027, David Scott 15.053, Dylan Yoder 15.077, Boom Briggs 15.106, Dan Stone 15.119, Chad Hollenback 15.129, Mike Knight 15.201

Time Trials Session 2: Dylan Yoder 15.028, Jason DuPont 15.146, Colby Frye 15.191, Jim Yoder 15.285, Darrell Bossard 15.310, Rob Blair 15.313, Dan Stone 15.322, Matt Urban 15.327, Chad Ruhlman 15.361, Boom Briggs 15.367

RUSH Late Models:Time Trials Session 1: Chad Ruhlman 15.550, Max Blair 15.756, Mike Pegher 15.851, John Waters 15.971, Dustin Waters 15.933, Damien Bidwell 16.058, Ryan Montgomery 16.127, Shane Weaver 16.150, Paul Grigsby 16.250, Zach Carley 16.263

Time Trials Session 2: Max Blair 15.807, Chad Ruhlman 15.909, John Waters 15.982, Chad McClellan 16.006, Ed Carley 16.057, Ryan Montgomery 16.066, Mike Pegher 16.074, Zach Carley 16.137, Damien Bidwell 16.148, Dusty Waters 16.178

BRP Can Am 360 Late Models:Heat 1: Dave DuBois, Brian Knowles, J J Mazur, Tracy Dunn, Bob Close, Brandon Smith, Steve LeBarron, Brad LeBarron

Heat 2: John Waters, Bruce Miller, Jeremy Wonderling, Jason Knowles, Mike Wonderling, Mark Sundt, Jon Rivers (DNS), Ron Wilkins ( DNS)

Heat 3: Mikey Wonderling, Buck Payne, Ray Bliss, Mick Seeley, Jared Hill, Wally Wade, Beamer Guzzardi, Neil Patterson

 John Waters, Buck Payne, Mikey Wonderling, Dave DuBois, Tracy Dunn, Mike Wonderling, Jason Knowles, Jarod Hill, Brian Knowles, Jon Rivers, Ray Bliss, Brandon Smith, Bruce Miller, Neil Patterson, Jeremy Wonderling, Quinn Sutherland, Brad LaBarron, Mick Seeley, Beamer Guzzardi, Steve LaBarron, Bob Close, Wally Wade, Mark Sundt, Ron Wilkins

UEMS A&MP Electric E-Mods:Heat 1: Kyle Bedell, Carl McKinney, Dan Davies, Dan Sasso, D J Kline, Al Brewer, Jonathan Taylor, Justin Craddock, Carl Ballinger

Heat 2: Cale Crocker, Mike McGee, Dave Hess, John Woodward, Vic Vena, Butch Southwell, John Boardman, Steve Rex

Heat 3: Alex Froman, Kenny Zimmer, Mike Smith, Scooter Pangrazio, Chad Ruhlman, Steve Dixon, Ron Seeley, Kirk Bradley

Heat 4: Brent Rhebergen, Randy Hall, Rich Michael, Joel Watson, Tim Walden, John Boyd, Darren Tarabori, Richard Cedar

B-Main 1: Steve Dixon, D J Cline, Chad Ruhlman, Kirk Bradley, Justin Craddock, Al Brewer, Ron Seeley, Carl Ballinger

B-Main 2: Steve Dixon, D J Cline, Chad Ruhlman, Jonathan Taylor, Justin Craddock, Al Brewer, Ron Seeley, Carl BallingerProvisionals: Jonathan Taylor (UEMS) and Al Brewer (MCR)

Feature: Randy Hall, Brent Rhebergen, Dave Hess, Craig Bedell, Mike McGee, Joel Watson, Carl McKinney, Chad Ruhlman, Scooter Pangrazio, Alex Froman, John Woodward, Steve Dixon, Vic Vena, Jonathan Taylor, Kenny Zimmer, Cale Crocker, Dan Sasso, Al Brewer, Mike Smith, John Boyd, Dan Davies, D J Cline, Rich Michael

Close Racing Supply Street Stocks:Heat 1: Gary Fisher, Kyle Weilacher, Ted Mascho, Jeremy Williams, Russ Morseman, Rick Tripodi, Ronnie Mogavero, Butch Talbot, Charles Harvey, Darryl Greene, Ryan Snyder

Heat 2: Chris Withers, Dennis Asel, Bryon Dewitt, Andy Michael, Andy Eastman, Elaine Best, Randy Taylor, Mike Ely, Jeremy Perry, Adam Ashcroft

Heat 3: Don Wolfer, Brad Ullman, Steve Mowrey, Levi Watson, Newt Tackett, Rich Wojtowicz, Chris Austin, Steve Sklar, Eric Harvey, Joe Chamberlain

Feature: Not Available

Pure Stocks:
Heat 1:Jason Berichner, Joe Layfield, Dustin Challingworth, Barry Tingue, Don Williams, Roger Schweikart, Dennis Cummings

Heat 2: Jason Dobson, Dustin Michvek, Tim Burkett, Jim Challingsworth, Rod Winans, Chad Allen, Brad Curran Jr

Heat 3: Fred Ely, Jon Lee, Josh Wilcox, Dean Layfield, Steve Ely, Mike Parmenter, Tim Fisher, Reed

 Not Available

Mini Stocks:Heat 1: Joe Boylan, Casey Burch, Nick Mowrey, Larry Mitchell, Travis Darling, Eric Canfield, Nick Snayczvic, Denny Babcock, Richard Kline

Heat 2: Tom Cupp, Mitch Boylan, Chad Babcock, Tim Fisher, Riley Ellison, Aaron Bartas, Duane Powers, David Pangrazio, Travis Keim

Heat 3: C J Irons, Josh Frantz, Chad Bender, Holden Heinemann, Davey Lowe, Andy Proper, Paul Campbell, Jake Dunn

Feature: Not Available

For more information on this event or the NDRL’s ULMS please visit www.mckeancountyraceway.com or www.unitedlatemodelseries.com.

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The NDRL's ULMS Racing Series would also like to thank their supporters for the 2013 season: Aero Racing Wheels, American Racer Tires, Big Shot Performance, LLC, Bill's Dirt Late Models, Close Racing Supply, Genesis Racing Shocks, Hoosier Racing Tire, Integra Racing Shocks, Jay's Auto Wrecking, JNJ Motorsports Media, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Lias Tire, Oyler Photos, Performance Bodies, Slavic Custom Racing Apparel and Decals, and R2C Filters.


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