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NDRL’s McKean County Raceway Completes Deal with Hoosier Tire

East Smethport, PA (February, 7, 2014) The National Dirt Racing League signed a three year agreement with Hoosier Racing Tire to be the exclusive tire at the NDRL’s McKean County Raceway in East Smethport, Pennsylvania.

Super Late Model competitors will be required to use Hoosier 1300 compound or harder for all weekly Super Late Model events at the NDRL’s McKean County Raceway. Tires must be clearly marked with the four-digit designation. Tire compounds may not be removed or covered.

The weekly Modified (formerly known as Emods) division at McKean County Raceway will be required to use a Hoosier M100 Medium or Harder compound.  To help offset the initial shock of tire expense at the beginning of the season; McKean County Raceway will allow any Hoosier tire to be used until May 17, 2014.  After that date all teams will need to conform to the M100 or harder tire rule on all four corners. Tires must be clearly marked with the four-digit designation. Tire compounds may not be removed or covered.

These and all rules at NDRL’s McKean County Raceway will be strictly enforced and tire testing will be implemented at the discretion of McKean County Raceway officials.

The weekly Stock Car and Pure Stock division at McKean County Raceway will follow the same tire rule as the modified division.  Any M100 or harder tire on all four corners will be mandatory after May 17 2014. With this rule for these two lower divisions, they will be able to buy used tires from the modified teams at a cheap affordable price.

The weekly RUSH Crate Late Models will follow the RUSH Hoosier tire rule that is mandated by the RUSH Touring Series.   The mini stock division will stay with any 8” DOT tire as stated in the 2014 rules.

‘I have been monitoring the trend of tire brands on the upper division classes the past few seasons and with majority of the racers now running Hoosier Racing Tire, it was apparent what direction to lead too,’ stated McKean County Raceway General Manager, Chris Zuver. ‘There was only one driver within the top 15 in points at McKean County Raceway that was not on Hoosiers and the modified division saw only  three cars in the top 15 in points not on the Hoosier brand in 2013.’ Zuver continued, ‘I stated in our fall driver meetings that the decisions that management makes going into the future are all long range plans and with the NDRL agreeing to a three-year agreement with Hoosier, this ensures the racers that the tire they have today is what the tire they will have three years from now.’

Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic was vital in making this agreement work and they will be the distributor for the Hoosier racing tires that will be used at McKean County Raceway.  Hoosier Tire Mid-Atlantic general manager, Bob Wirts stated, ‘Everyone at HTMA is excited and proud to be a part of this venture at McKean County Raceway’ 

Tires are one of the biggest expenses for the racers.  Late Model teams now only need to carry approximately 12 tires in their trailer instead of 20 plus, while the modified teams may now only need to carry 4 or 5 tires instead of sixteen to twenty different tires.  This is going to be a HUGE savings to the racers not just this season but over the next three seasons. 

The 2013 banquet for the NDRL McKean County Raceway, United Late Model Series, and United Emod Series will be held on Saturday, March 1, 2014 at the Eldred Township Fire Hall in Eldred, PA.  Deadline for banquet tickets is Saturday February 22, 2014. Go to www.mckeancountyraceway.com to download your banquet form. The annual Olean Center Mall Stock Car Show will be held on March 14-16 and the 2014 MCR season opening weekend is scheduled for Friday and Saturday, April 18-19th.

For more information on the NDRL’s McKean County Raceway please visit www.mckeancountyraceway.com.  

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